Thursday, March 28, 2013

Agnus Dei

My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?

All who see me mock me.
They curl their lips, they wag their heads.
“He trusted in the Lord, let Him save him;
let Him rescue him if this is His friend.”

Many dogs have surrounded me,
a band of the wicked has beset me.
They pierced my hands and my feet.
I can count every one of my bones.

They divide my clothing among them.
They cast lots for my robe.
O Lord, do not leave me alone.
O You my strength, make haste to help me.

I will tell of Your name to my people
and praise You where they are assembled.
“You who fear the Lord, give Him praise;
all children of Jacob, give Him glory.
Revere Him, children of Israel.”

The Psalmist David, circa 1,000 BC


  1. Scriptural references: Psalm 22:1,7-8,16-19,22-23

  2. New Testament Scriptures: Matthew 27:46; 27:39,43; John 18:12; 20:25; 19:36; 19:23-24

  3. Agnus Dei – Latin for “Lamb of God”