Monday, November 1, 2010

SHEKINAH: The Mystery of the Lost Ark

This is a story based on historical evidence and a reasonable amount of artistic license.  It is the Bible-based account of the lost Ark of the Covenant.  References include: the biblical Old Testament, the Talmud, the Mishneh Torah, the Elephantine scrolls, Aristeas from the Old Testament pseudepigrapha, and the Greek historians.  SHEKINAH is a twelve part series.  Its links are posted on the sidebar.  For author's notes & references, click the comment section under each article.

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  1. Shekinah is defined as the visible manifestation of God’s presence. Because the Ark of the Covenant was the physical embodiment of God’s presence on earth, the word Shekinah is applied to the Ark. For a description of the Shekinah Glory, click Chapel of the Tablet and The Holy of Holies on the sidebar.